On Vacation? At the Beach? CareSync can help.

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Jun 28, 2013 9:30:00 AM

My family and I were on day four of our vacation, when my wife got a call from one of her doctors. They needed an updated list of her medications because the Dr. was going to prescribe her a new medication.  Having to discuss medications with doctors was not on the vacation to do list....but I digress 

Normally, a task such as gathering your medication would be a long and tedious one. Certainly something that you don't plan on doing while relaxing on the beach. CareSync has alleviated the problem. A job that would have taken some time was now completed in about 5 minutes.  My wife logged into her CareSync account, found her list of medications, and clicked the fax button. My wife smiled and slipped back into the comfort of our beach vacation.  

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Whether you are at home or at the beach. The convience of CareSync is there to help you manage your healthcare one day at a time. 



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