Happy National Chocolate Day from the CareSync Chocoholics!

Posted by Lisa Bond

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Jul 7, 2013 7:32:00 PM

It's common knowledge that chocolate makes people feel happy, but did you know there are real health benefits to chocolate?

chocolate for health

  • Chocolate actually does make you feel better by boosting your body's dopamine system
  • Studies prove chocolate can lower heart attack and stroke risk, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • The Cocoa, Cognitive, & Aging test found that chocolate may make you smarter
  • Moderate chocolate eaters have lower incidences of diabetes and lower BMI  

Stick with solid, dark chocolates:  The closer to 90%, the better, with limited amounts of fat.  As always, tracking your calorie intake, weight, blood pressure, and other indicators can ensure a healthier you!

And a little fun fact about the CareSync team:  We always have some chocolate stashed in the office for long meetings!

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