Engaged Patient: Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Posted by Lisa Bond

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Jul 15, 2013 10:36:00 AM

My husband is a certified science geek, so his announcement that he was going to do blood type testing with the kids wasn't a big surprise. I was mostly worried about the sticking-to-get-the-blood part. Plus, I was very confident I had the blood types in their newborn paperwork.
blood types
Yesterday was the big day.

Kicking the project off, Travis gave them a little overview of the different blood types and how the testing process worked with the at-home kits.  

This was met with, "Dad. Snore." 

After the eye rolls subsided, one kid got all dramatic and made his brother cry hysterically, even though it wasn't his turn yet (when it was his turn, he didn't even notice the stick).

I grabbed the baby files during the big lab projects, and not one had the blood type!  I'm truly surprised at how little information, other than immunizations, their doctors have shared with me over the years.

The chaos subsided a bit, and the kids finally got into it. We had a lot of fun learning how to read the results together.  We even have a Universal Donor (O-) in the family!  

blood type testing at home

I immediately saved the information to the kids' CareSync profiles...it's one more step toward being in control of our family's healthcare.

Do you know your blood type?  If not, check out TestCountry.com and order this affordable kit for your family and conduct your own Science Sunday at home!

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