Sick and tired of being sick and tired...but at least I'm organized

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Sep 2, 2013 8:00:00 AM

sick, but in control

I've been sick for three weeks.  Correction.  I've been sick for weeks, but somehow my body does this "magical" thing where it rallies for the work week, then totally shuts down on the weekend. 

Three weekends ago, the sore throat started as soon as I sat on the plane back to Baltimore.  Last weekend, I finished building some slides for a sales presentation, cleaned my house for some weekend visitors and then collapsed. This Friday?  I had two family birthdays that required a lot of my attention and yesterday?  I woke up SO SICK. Again.

I get it.  I need to slow my roll.  I need to recover.  I probably need to NOT get on a plane later tonight to go to Florida for a busy week.

But?  That's not my life right now.  So.  Life landed me in urgent care this morning.  FUN.  Not so much. 

However, I was able to zip in and out of there today because I was prepared for the visit that I didn't even know that I was going to have.

  • I faxed my current meds and health conditions before we rolled up to the urgent care center,
  • I had a list of symptoms ready for the nurse as soon as I sat down with her, including my documentation of how I've been feeling for the past 3 weeks,
  • I shared recent labs and tests that I had done at my annual physical with my PCP in early August,
  • I entered the meds that were prescribed as I waited for the pharmacy to fill them,
  • And then I faxed them to my PCP, so he was in the know, too...

I was organized, and it saved me time, money, and energy.  And more importantly, I was able to share all that info with the people who need to see it.  My family is (without life interruption) in the know that I am under the weather, my medications are documented in my medical history, and my PCP already has a fax waiting for him when he gets to work tomorrow to know that I am still sick, that the nagging cold turned to bronchitis, and that I am taking prednisone to knock it out of my system.

Also powerful?  My fax of my daily medications caused an alert for what was prescribed for me--and the provider at the urgent care facility adjusted my prescription because she had access to that information.

Without CareSync, (and per usual, I recognize how biased I am,) I didn't have the power or impetus to document and share this information with the people who, realistically, need to see it. That's pretty powerful.

So, Happy Labor Day to you.  I encourage you to let CareSync's team of expert medical records specialists take the labor of getting your health records and transcribing them into your family health record.  It'll give you the ability to breeze through your provider visits like I did today. 

To a more healthy September!


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