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Oct 29, 2013 4:00:00 PM

Getting yourself ready for a doctor's appointment can seem like a daunting task. You've likely got a list of things to ask in your head, or jotted down on an envelope from the bottom of your purse.

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You booked the appointment to deal with the nagging headaches, but you woke up in the middle of the night realizing that you have no clue when your last tetanus shot was, that your left knee has been hurting when you're on the treadmill, and that you are supposed to bring the results from a recent MRI with you.

Sound familiar? It's easy to get off track during the brief time you get with the provider, but it doesn't have to be.

Meet Molly. She's mastered the art of the meaningful doctor's appointment, relying on CareSync's Visit Manager to prep herself before the visit, document what happens while she's with the provider, and stay on top of post-visit tasks and care plans, sharing them with family and caregivers.

Prior to the visit, Molly logs into her CareSync account, and selects Visit Manager. By clicking on Appointments, she's able to create the appointment in CareSync, and link it an existing provider, or add a new one on the fly.

Creating a quick snapshot view of the visit, here she lists:

  • visit type,
  • reason for visit,
  • health conditions, and
  • medications.

Appointment Snapshot

From there, she's able to add some Before Visit Tasks. She uses this section to remember things like picking up results from an MRI, remembering that the blood work she'll receive is fasting and no eating after midnight, and for jotting down questions she wants to talk about with the provider.

What's really cool, is that her care team also has access to this, so her husband adds a note to ask about her frequent snoring of late...or a reminder for her to get her flu shot. He can also comment on her tasks. "Hey honey, let me go and pick up your MRI for you. It's on the way home from my meeting." That's a-okay with Molly!

Molly uses the Before Visit Tasks as SO much more than just a task list, though; it's her agenda for the entire visit, making sure that she maximizes her limited time with her provider and gets answers to her questions. She's able to document those answers in the comments, or move over to the Notes & Files section of Visit Manager.

Molly uses the Notes & Files page to keep track of the documents and files that she needs for the appointment (remember that MRI? There it is!), jots down notes based on the provider's care plan or answers to her questions, and wait for it, uses the mobile device's voice recorder to record the providers instructions and explanations.

Notes and Files

Having the voice recording of the visit gives her the power to listen to what the provider said...over and over and over again. She can share it with her family, other providers, and care givers.

Whether at the appointment, or later on, after reviewing the notes and voice recordings, Molly enters her After Visit Tasks including a follow-up visit, new medications to be picked up at the drug store, and a task to complete the patient information for the headache center in the next town over.

As she checks out of the provider's office, Molly changes the status of the appointment to Completed, and makes the records request for the visit. Her CareSync Plus representative begins the process of collecting her provider's records from the visit, which they populate into the Provider Notes section of her CareSync account.

Molly feels in control of her appointments. She has:

  • access to her complete medical record,
  • tools to manage tasks and notes before, during, and after the visit,
  • voice recordings of her providers instructions,
  • social and collaborative support from her family and care team.

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting more from each and every provider visit today with the free CareSync Visit Manager, available at, Apple's App Store, and Google Play.


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