An Inexpensive Way to Tackle Rising Healthcare Costs

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Jun 24, 2016 3:05:19 PM


Today, the average American family pays three times more for healthcare than they did in 2001. With healthcare costs rising faster than the consumer price index, it’s a smart move to put CareSync in your corner.

Care coordination services from CareSync can save you and your family money every time you avoid a duplicate test, an unnecessary expensive treatment, a visit to the ER, or a stay in a hospital.

High Prescription Costs

As one member told us, “Each year, our healthcare expenses increase and we are forced to pay an increasing amount of attention to the healthcare we consume. CareSync has helped me gather all of my family member’s health records and has made them useful to me.”

This member takes advantage of CareSync’s mobile technology, using the CareSync application on their iPhone to instantly access their Care Plan and their family’s medical history. “I have recently shared up-to-date immunizations with my son’s pediatrician, avoided duplicate (expensive) tests at the ER, and was able to share concise clinical updates with my primary care doctor.”

Beyond the cost-savings benefit of CareSync, there’s the added relief of knowing you've got everyone involved in your healthcare on the same page. “Everybody is in the loop,” the member explained. “My doctors treat me with respect, and I know the CareSync team is working on my behalf. [I] highly recommend [CareSync] for anybody coordinating care for loved ones or managing chronic illness.”


To learn more about CareSync services for you and your family, click here. If you’re a Medicare patient with two or more chronic conditions, ask your doctor to prescribe CareSync for chronic care management, a healthcare benefit Medicare wants you to have.

Already a CareSync member? You too can have positive healthcare experiences. Call us with any concern big or small. We are here to help you.

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