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What Are the Biggest Health Issues and Concerns for Senior Men Today?

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Will It Ever End?: Managing Your Mental Health While Living With Chronic Disease or Conditions

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Digital Health Technology and mHealth Tools That Benefit Seniors and Caregivers

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New Digital Health and Wellness Tools You Need to Know About

9 Healthy Eating Habits You Should Start Right Now

Staying True to Mason’s Mission: A Little Boy Who Saved Four Lives

Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Hobbies for Seniors: Find a New Hobby In Retirement

Prevent Elder Abuse: How to Spot Signs of Abuse and Report It

Find Ride to Doctor with Health Transportation Services from Mobile Apps Uber and Lyft

Fall Prevention in the Elderly and Benefits of Physical Therapy

5 Balance Exercises for Seniors: Simple Exercises to Improve Balance

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Oral Hygiene: Preventing Tooth Loss with Better Dental Health

Healthy Planning With a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: What is COPD?

What Is Medicare? Medicare Plans and Medicare Explained

Nutrition for Seniors: 6 Feel-Great Nutrients For Older Adults

What Are Age Spots, And Can You Remove Age Spots?

What is the Medicare Deductible 2018?

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Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma: Could You Already Have It?

6 Tips About Breast Cancer Awareness and Risk [VIDEO]

Diabetes Stories: My Experience With Type 2

Blue Christmas: Getting Seasonal Depression Help

Holiday Sadness: Reduce Christmas Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Food Safety Advice For Your Holiday Meal Planning

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Seniors

Flu Shot Information: Key Facts From the CDC

Diabetes Education: Reversing Prediabetes Symptoms

Best Health Technology for Older Adults: 4 Mobile Health Apps and Wearables

Delicious Holiday Diabetic Recipes (For Anyone Eating Healthy)

Diabetes and Eye Health: Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy

Facts About Bladder Health and Problems

Diabetes and Your Skin: 6 Tips for Avoiding Diabetes Skin Problems

Do You Live Near One of the Best Hospitals in America?

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Breast Cancer Screening: What to Know

Assessing and Reducing Your Personal Risk for Breast Cancer

News for Medicare Patients: Medicare Offers More Health Coverage Choices and Decreased Premiums In 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What is Breast Cancer?

Caring for an Aging Parent: 6 Tips That Can Help

How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: 5 Steps You Can Take

Information for Medicare Patients: What is CCM?

Family Caregiver Duties: Medication Management for Seniors

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Choosing a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

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5 Tips for Managing Your Child's Chronic Disease [VIDEO]

Tips for Staying Hydrated

Keep Your Cool: Tips to Prevent Heat Stroke

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Advance Care Planning

Let's Talk About Incontinence

Fit Seniors: Is Age Really Just a Number?

The Big Role Reversal: Managing an Aging Parent's Health

5 Tips for a Successful Doctor Visit

What Are Your Healthcare Priorities?

Colorectal Cancer: Get the Facts, Know the Signs

10 Ways to Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

The Heart of the Matter

Include "Me Time" as One of Your Caregiver Duties

The Fight Against Cancer

Heart Health + Kidney Health = A Perfect Pair

Why Being an Organ Donor Matters

Health Information at Hand

6 Steps Toward a Healthier 2017

What Did You Do for American Diabetes Month?

What Makes Omega-3 Fatty Acids So Special?

A Snack That's Good for Your Brain? That's Nuts!

Hot Chocolate With Fewer Carbs

Reduce Your Cholesterol for Better Heart Health

The Importance of Breast Cancer Screening

Eat a Rainbow of Foods

4 Steps to Food Safety

5 Healthy Habits to Start Your Day

These Recipes Can't Be "Beet"

What's the Scoop on Avocados?

Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Fat? Yes!

Secrets to Healthy Aging Made Simple

Juicing for Your Health

I'm Not a Kid Anymore. Do I Really Need to Get Vaccinated?

Preventive Care Matters

Be Smart About Exercising in the Heat

Better Vision Is in Sight

Salmon, Orzo, and Almonds ... Oh My!

Ensuring Patients Have What They Need

Glaucoma: Spot It Early, Treat It Sooner

Psoriasis Isn't Contagious. Awareness Is!

Help for a Member Struggling With Depression

Navigating Healthcare for Our Child: Things We've Learned

Sleep: Why We Need It and How to Get It

Yes, We Really Do Take Your Calls at All Hours

Which Foods Are Good or Bad for You? The Answers May Surprise You!

6 Years After Diagnosis: Lessons Learned

An Inexpensive Way to Tackle Rising Healthcare Costs

6 Ways to Slow the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

My Doctor Believed Me! Why I Carry My Medical Records on My Phone

Get to Know Care Coordination

Help with Understanding Medications

Concerned About Osteoporosis?: 5 Tips for Better Bone Health

Back to Basics: Better Health Made Easy

How a Rare Disease Inspired the Creation of a Patient-Centric Healthcare Solution

White House Names Champions of Change: CareSync COO Recognized

Product Manager Field Research

Men's Health Week 2015

National Cancer Survivors Day 2015

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Meet Us in Miami Beach!

National Osteoporosis Month

Here's How CareSync Changes Lives for the Better

The Top 6 Reasons Why CareSync is for You

Your Seasonal Allergies Explained

Do We Control Our Brains?

6 Surprising Foods That Contain Gluten

Happy World Health Day!

Health Data Fantasia

How Important is Sleep, Really?

10 Ways Medicine Today Can Outrun Every TV Doctor You've Ever Seen

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

What's It Going to Take to Really Have Personalized Medicine?

New Year’s Resolution: Taking Charge of Your Family Health Records

Travel Safe: The Easy Way to Pack Your Medical Records

Why Yoga Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from CareSync!

Top 9 Healthiest New Year's Resolutions

The New Year's Resolution Every Person Living With Chronic Illness Should Make

Medicare Chronic Care Management

Make Time to Learn Your Family Health History this Thanksgiving

The Gap Between The Shining Vision At Health IT Conferences And What Patients And Doctors Experience Today

My Top 8 Reasons You Need to Peek at Your Medical Records

Tracking your health with CareSync

Mental Health Day: Time to Breathe

CareSync 2.5 App Combines Wearables Data With Medical Records

Why you need to take a break from your caregiver duties

Speaking Out For Patients & Caregivers At #Health2con

When you need your medical records

Healthcare Data in Silos: 7 Reasons Data Isn't Shared

Dementia or a disguise: Managing health as a home caregiver

Best practices when you need your medical records

Your privacy and security with CareSync

Massage as a treatment for helping reduce pain from cancer

Undiagnosed: Medical records are critical for diagnosis

Home music therapy for the caregiver

Three (plus) reasons to get your medical records

When caregiver duties get to be too much

Moms Chime in on the Best Sunglasses for Kids

Care coordination is in your (capable) hands

Caregiver chat: CareSync for coordinated care

Tracking your meds. And vitamins.

I need my medical records!

m-Enabling Summit

A Little of This and That from Health Datapalooza

Men's Health Month: Schedule Appointments, Prepare for them

CareSync Changes Behavior

Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience & Empathy Conference

Health Datapalooza 2014

National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

It's Almost Mother's Day!

Caregiving From Far Away: Top Tips for the Family Caregiver

CareSync Plus for just one visit

The Financial Crunch of Being a Family Caregiver

The Ultimate Pet Healthcare Tool

Heartbleed update: your info is safe and secure on CareSync

Webinar: A New View of Your Health

New features to stay on top of your health with CareSync 2.4

Insurance Companies Are Dying, So How Does That Affect You?

A New View of Your Health: CareSync for iOS Update

Tips to Help Collaboratively Manage Health

Being a Friend to a Friend Who Is Ill: Giving the Gift of Health

Sharing medical the nick of time

What's new in CareSync 2.3

Affordable Care Act News: Healthcare Costs, Fewer Doctors, Longer Wait Times?

Happy (& Healthy) Valentine's Day!

Caregiving as a Member of The Sandwich Generation

Tips and Tricks to Help Make Caregiving a Little Bit Simpler

Familitizing health: Why patient portals have a long way to go

What do you mean my past medical history is gone?

CareSync's CEO at the Florida Venture Capital Conference

American Heart Month's 50th Anniversary

Vitamin D Tips

CareSync 101: Buy on the Fly

15-Year-Old CareSync Patient Gets National Attention for YouTube Video

Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions with CareSync

CareSync at the Florida Venture Capital Conference

Sharing Your Health Story; Avoid Unnecessary Tests

"I Am a Patient–and I Need to Be Heard!"

Discover a New Tool for Caregivers That Helps Ease the Stress

She trips. She falls. She has her important documents with her.

In Control of your Health Story

January is Thyroid Awareness Month

Easing Uncertainties in Healthcare with Medical History Management

A Missed Opportunity to Be a Great Patient

Free Webinar: The Importance of Sharing Your Health Story

Do You Still Have Your Doctor? The ACA Makes You Think Twice.

Is Successful Patient Engagement a Possibility or a Dream?

Caregivers, Start the New Year Organized

Wounded Warriors and CareSync

Guest Post: Caregivers Get Sick, Too

Overwhelmed by changes in health reform? Here's the 101

Guest Post: My Newest Role, Caregiver

All your records. All your providers. $99.

Choosing the Best Health Insurance for My Family

Errors in our Medical Records: Empowered Caregiver

Me feeling thankful: CareSync style

Giving the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

Access to ALL of the Information: Empowered Caregiver

Some Last Minute Ideas and To Dos for Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The Super Patient's Visit

6th-Annual Friedreich's Ataxia Symposium

Organized records = more meaningful appointments

Managing the complicated process of managing illness

CareSync hits the road. Well, the sea.

CareSync on the Left Coast: Health 2.0

2013 Global Genes Patient Advocacy Summit

CareSync 101: Getting Started with CareSync Plus

Caregivers: Give Your Body The Rest It Needs.

The Number of Male Caregivers Is On The Rise

Sick and tired of being sick and tired...but at least I'm organized

Children Hurt Every 25 Seconds in Youth Sports, Study Finds.

Caregiver Bill of Rights.

Healthy, happy, and in control of your day!

It's Sports Physical Time! CareSync can help

Heat Exhaustion: Keeping your family cool this summer

Are you a mosquito magnet this summer?

In control of our health...even on the road.

August is National Eye Exam Month

Making the best health decisions for my child. Or so I thought.

CareSync: Camp Time with CareSync.

Full Moon Out? Get to Bed a Little Earlier.

Stand back. I'm an empowered patient.

Engaged Patient: Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Happy National Chocolate Day from the CareSync Chocoholics!

Contest time! Free Your Records

My Night in the ER as an Engaged CareSync Patient

CareSync 101: Tasks, Tasks, and More Tasks.

On Vacation? At the Beach? CareSync can help.

CareSync: Some tips for a Healthy, Fun Summer Vacation.

3 Years After Diagnosis: Lessons I've Learned

The Dad Proof Family Health Record

CareSync: Exercise Smart to Beat the Summer Heat

Checkout the latest version of CareSync!

I'm in Charge of my Family Health Record

CareSync: Store those Documents.

CareSync User: CareSync Pays for Itself

Get More From Your Medical Visits

CareSync 101: Fax it to me!

CareSync 1.6 is Here!

CareSync is MY Family's Health Record

CareSync 101: Appointments

CareSync 1.5 is Here!

CareSync 101: Adding Providers

Getting Started With CareSync Visit Manager

Feel Good Moment of the Day: Music and Memory

CareSync 1.4 is Here!

Your Typical Appointment

8 Tips for Requesting Your Family Health Records

I'm the Dog's Caregiver, Too

Changing Perspectives on Changing Doctors

The Moving Family Health Record

Welcome to CareSync: The Family Health Record

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