A New View of Your Health: CareSync for iOS Update

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Feb 26, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Hello! We are incredibly excited to share that the latest version of CareSync for iOS is now available to download in the App Store! The updates in this release truly change the way you access, engage with, and share your health information with family, caregivers, and your doctors.


So what's new?

  • More on-the-fly flexibility. Manage health conditions, allergies, medications, and personal information directly from the iOS app.
  • Visit Summaries are easily filtered by date range, health conditions, and medications, into a shareable Care Reportâ„¢, helping your doctors better understand your health story.
  • CareSync Plus members: You can now see the status of your records requests with the new Record History.

While all of the new additions help before, during, and after your doctor's appointments, the ability to share your relevant health story with family, caregivers, and your doctors, is truly amazing. To be truly engaged in your care requires access to meaningful and shareable health information. We've heard hundreds of different stories from people who desperately need to organize and share specific health information with their doctors.

A few examples:

  • Chronic and rare disease patients who see Super Specialists at centers like NIH are required to bring a concise, relevant health summary for a certain period of time.
  • Specialists and surgical teams needing quick access regarding a health condition, or a past medical history.
  • Busy parents who need to provide health information to summer camps, schools, after-school programs and extra-curricular activities.
  • Caregivers who have to manage a loved one's health from afar and need the ability to simply share information with doctors and other healthcare providers.

The list goes on.

Want to create your own Visit Summary? First, get the iOS update. Assuming you've got your health information already in CareSync, choose Health Profile, then Health Summary.

From the Health Summary screen, choose History. This brings up all of your past visits stored in your CareSync account.* Click on the little funnel icon to filter information by date range, health conditions, and/or medications.


Click Apply to get your timeline view of your summary. iOS2.3-filter
In this screen, I filtered everything linked to ear-related health conditions. iOS2.3-summary
Drill into any single appointment by tapping it. For some reason, I really love this screen and how information is displayed. It includes important information about the appointment, the Provider Notes that my CareSync Plus representative pulled from the records, as well as any files, voice recordings, notes, and images that I included. iOS2.3-filtered-visit
To share the filtered report, just click Share in the top right corner, and choose where you're sending it off to. You can choose to include (or not) the entire Health Summary and your personal notes with the toggles. iOS2.3-fax

How easy is that? Your doctor will get a faxed copy of your Visit Summary, and be better equipped to make the best decisions for your health. Win, win!

So get the new update, or download the app if you haven't before, and create your free account, and enjoy the new view of your health. Having access to meaningful health information that is easy to share leads to better health outcomes (yay!) and really impressed doctors who are thrilled with your organization and engagement (yay, again!) 

If gathering and entering your past medical history isn't your thing, we are happy to do it for you. We've got a variety of pricing options to fit everybody's needs, but the most popular plan is our $99 Getting Started plan. That gives you 60 days to enter in as many providers as you can remember, digitally sign the HIPAA Authorization Release forms, and leave the rest to us!

CareSync for iOS!

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