A Guide to the Best Gifts for Seniors

Posted by Kaerrie Hall

Dec 8, 2017 7:15:00 AM

A guide to the best gifts for seniors is available on the CareSync blog.

As we round the corner to Christmas, it's time to get in some last minute shopping. If you need gifts for seniors, this article provides several options you might consider.

Head Games

There are plenty of books that feature fun and challenging word games aimed at improving the lives of those struggling with dementia. One such book, Joggin' Your Noggin, is designed for individuals who are in the mild to moderate stages of dementia who can complete the games on their own or with a little support.

For additional brain game ideas, check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Blasts From the Past

Consider making a customized photo book for a senior, filled with memories you collect from multiple family members. You can also trigger fond memories with music they love or a cassette player that will allow them to listen to old tapes they’ve been keeping in storage. Perhaps you could identify some of their favorite old songs, download digital versions to an MP3 player, and put the loaded player and headphones into a gift box for a special surprise.

Finding the best gifts for seniors can be a challenge, especially during gift-giving holidays.

Easy on the Eyes

Here are several great gift ideas for seniors whose age has taken a toll on their eyesight:

  • Large Print Editions - Seniors who enjoy doing crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, or Sudoku, or those who like to read novels might appreciate versions featuring larger print as their eyes age. You may also be able to find large print editions of their favorite board games.
  • Low Vision Clocks or Digital Calendars - Digital calendars or clocks that feature extra large numbers and letters can be great gifts for seniors.
  • Big-button Universal Remotes - For seniors with dexterity issues or problems with eyesight, having a television remote with bigger buttons and the ability to control one or more electronic devices more easily can make a huge difference. It’s not only a great gift for seniors, but also for their caregivers, as the remote allows seniors to access and use the electronics they want without needing as much assistance. One model, the Flipper Remote, is designed with large color-coded buttons, and only 6 key buttons: On/Off, Channel Up, Channel Down, Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute. Fewer buttons may prove helpful for seniors who have low or impaired vision, or who get confused or overwhelmed easily.

Giving gifts for seniors this season is easier with a guide from CareSync.Get a Grip

Know someone who is suffering from arthritis in their hands or has other issues that make it hard to open containers or grip certain objects? Consider these options: 

  • Non-Slip Jar Openers - Hard-to-open jars, bottles, and cans are an added frustration no one needs. A great gift for seniors is a jar opener designed to help. Look for one that can open multiple size lids to cover a wide range of grocery and pantry items.
  • Hands-Free Can Openers - Even electronic can openers can be problematic when you have trouble with your hand strength or grip. A hands-free electronic can opener might make a great gift this season. While you’re at it, you may want to throw in a tool that helps them build hand strength.
  • No-Tie Shoelaces - No-tie shoelaces can be the perfect gift for seniors who have trouble tying their shoelaces, but still want to take that brisk walk each morning in sneakers. Choose from options such as elastic no-tie shoelaces or colorful no-tie silicone shoelaces that they can simply swap out to match their personal style.

Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices

For those who need assistance getting around, these gifts can help:

  • Outfitted Walkers - Seniors with mobility issues who still want to get to the neighborhood park regularly or browse through an antique mall on weekends don’t want anything getting in their way. Walkers that provide accessories that help them stay out longer make a great gift. Look for walkers that include a seat so they can take a break every once in awhile, but still keep the fun going.
  • Add-Ons for Walkers - Baskets that attach to the front of a walker, non-slip mats that act like a TV tray for a walker, cup holder attachments, and more.
  • Car Assist Device - Know a senior who’s having difficulty getting out of the car with ease? Consider the Stander CarCaddie. This portable nylon car assist device buckles around window frames in most cars, trucks, or vans, and provides extra support for standing up as you exit a vehicle. The non-slip car bar grip has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Half steps - If that front step into the house has become a little too much for someone you care about, a non-slip “half step” can be the answer. These steps are designed to reduce the height of the step into a doorway. It may not seem like much to you but cutting a step in half can make a tremendous difference for someone who has trouble walking and/or navigating elevations.
To find the best gifts for seniors, you have to consider their unique needs. Find out more at the CareSync blog.

Dressing Aids

Gifts for seniors might also include tools or clothing that make getting dressed easier.

  • Shoe horns and sock stuffers - When chronic back pain or the effects of aging and osteoporosis rear their ugly heads, it can be downright painful to put on a shoe or slip off a sock. Devices that assist your loved one with removing socks or easing their heels into shoes can help.
  • Dressing Aids - From tools that help someone put on their socks, to devices that help them reach up into closets, there is no shortage of dressing aids to make life easier for seniors. A great gift for seniors in your life could be a whole dressing aid kit that addresses multiple needs.
  • Adaptive Shoes and Slippers - Seniors with special foot care needs might appreciate shoes and slippers that are easier on feet affected by gout, diabetes, or edema.

Be Cool With This Final Gifts for Seniors Option

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the gift of comfort. As individuals age, their skin can get thinner, and affect their comfort level in the house. If you know a senior who gets cold easily, consider purchasing them a heated throw or a heated mattress pad to make nighttime far more comfortable. As a bonus, the heat will help soothe tired and sore necks, shoulders, backs, and legs, which means you may just win the prize for best gift given this year.

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