6 Surprising Foods That Contain Gluten

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Apr 10, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Do you need to be gluten-free? Awareness of celiac disease has greatly accelerated in recent years, and so has the availability of gluten-free options in health food stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

For those who have celiac disease, ingesting gluten is very dangerous. It damages the small intestine and can cause intense amounts of pain in the stomach of those with the disease. Because of this, those with celiac disease must adhere to a strict no-gluten diet. This is harder than it sounds, as gluten is found in some of the most common foods we eat every day! Most of us know that gluten is found in wheat, barely, and rye. However, it is also found in less-common foods. Read on below to find out which surprising foods contain gluten.


1. Soy Sauce

Be careful the next time you're out getting sushi! Soy sauce, despite being a high-sodium liquid, is filled with wheat or barley (or sometimes even both). Try asking for gluten-free soy sauce the next time you're out. 

2. Chocolate

Yes, sadly chocolate can have gluten in it! Not all chocolate has gluten, but some bars and candies contain wheat flour. So be sure to check the label of your chocolate the next time you're browsing the aisles of Whole Foods. 

3. Alcohol

Certain types of beer and grain-based alcohol such as Vodka can contain gluten. Look for brands of beer that are gluten-free, or choose the potato-based Vodka instead.

4. Deli Meats

You wouldn't think so, but modified food starch and cereal fillers are actually common ingredients found in pre-packaged deli meats! Look for a gluten-free label the next time you're shopping for your deli meat, or go to the deli counter instead. 

5. Soup

Beware of store bought soups, as they can contain wheat flour or wheat gluten. Be sure to check the ingredients in the soup you buy at stores, or better yet, play it safe and make your own soup at home!

6. Salad dressing

Some salad dressings can contain wheat flour - used in the dressing as a thickening agent to create a thicker and creamier taste. If you want to avoid any chance of coming into contact with gluten, try other salad dressings on your salad such as apple cider vinegar.


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